Andrea Jovanovic

Andrea Jovanovic is a 1st year MASc student at the University of Toronto, specializing in Human Factors. She completed her BASc in Industrial Engineering with a self-initiated Minor in Psychology. She also held a PEY position with Healthcare Human Factors at the University Health Network (UHN).

Andrea has gained invaluable experience in human factors research as a member of the Interactive Media Lab with Professor Mark Chignell since 2011. Her work has focused on studying the usability issues of medical interfaces and making recommendations for improvement.

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September 2012 to September 2013: Healthcare Human Factors
Human Factors Analyst (PEY Student)

  • Organized and executed high- and low-fidelity usability tests for a variety of healthcare-related products, including infusion pumps, clinical collaboration systems, and mobile applications
  • Performed formative usability evaluations to assess medical devices, and make recommendations for to inform future designs to enhance ease of use and safety
  • Performed summative usability evaluations to measure, analyze, and report the ease of use and safety of medical devices seeking to obtain FDA approval
  • Presented findings and recommendations to clients and stakeholders in written reports and oral presentations
  • Conducted heuristic evaluations to determine usability issues and propose design solutions
  • Evaluated and compared similar products from multiple vendors for procurement projects

June 2011 to September 2011 and May 2012 to September 2012: CIBC
User Experience Analyst

  • Conducted heuristic evaluations of current in-branch software interfaces
  • Used benchmarking research and user needs research to inform design recommendations
  • Explained current usability issues and justification for changes in a report to stakeholders
  • Designed wireframes for in-branch client needs analysis procedures and new product registration procedures
  • Wrote interface guidelines and created templates for applying interface elements consistently
  • Created documentation to explain interface functionality and business processes to users

August 2011 to September 2012: Vocalage
Consultant and Project Manager

  • Communicated project objectives to a team of business analysts from George Brown College
  • Organized and facilitated business meetings with business analysts and project stakeholders
  • Managed project milestones and deliverables and represent Vocalage’s business interests
  • Developed and maintained project website and documentation


March 2011 to May 2013: Interactive Media Lab
Human Factors Research Assistant, Haemonetics Blood Fridge PhD Project

  • Performed a heuristic evaluation of the current blood fridge interface
  • Determined usability issues using interview, questionnaire, and video data
  • Created wireframes for a proposed interface redesign
  • Explained usability issues and interview findings in a report to project stakeholders
  • Assisted in literature review content research and analysis

December 2011 to March 2012: Vocalage
Research Assistant, Driver Distraction Project

  • Assisted in planning and organizing one-on-one and group experiment sessions
  • Facilitated and conducted participant experiments
  • Prepared experiment equipment including cameras, computer software, eye-tracking devices
  • Interviewed participants about task difficulties and preferences after the experiment


    September 2014 to Present: Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
    Teaching Assistant, MIE242 Psychology for Engineers

    September 2014 to Present: Teaching Assistants’ Training Program (TATP)
    Teaching Fundamentals Certificate Candidate

    July 2011: UofT DaVinci Engineering Enrichment Program (DEEP)
    Teaching Assistant, Interaction Design

    • Presented course content related to psychology, user experience, human factors, and usability
    • Facilitated students during user research, requirements gathering and prototyping activities


MIE448: Engineering Psychology and Human Performance, Fall 2013

  • Studied relationships between human information processing and the design of human-machine systems, including signal detection, spatial cognition, decision making, and attention sharing
  • Learned to model a number of these complex relationships
  • Applied statistical analysis to human performance data and discussed results in lab reports

MIE344: Ergonomic Design of Information Systems, Winter 2012

  • Researched patient medication adherence and outlined findings in a literature review
  • Determined user requirements, usability goals, and user experience goals for a mobile application
  • Developed use cases, personas and user scenarios for a mobile application in healthcare
  • Designed prototypes and performed user testing and evaluation with the prototypes

MIE345: Case Studies in Ergonomics, Fall 2011

  • Examined and evaluated the Nike+ website to create representative user scenarios
  • Identified usability issues, rated issue criticality and recommended interface design solutions

MIE343: Industrial Ergonomics and the Workplace, Fall 2011

  • Completed lab reports concerning anthropometry, manual materials handling and work physiology
  • Evaluated an office for ergonomic hazards and proposed feasible solutions

MIE240: Human Centred Systems Design, Winter 2011

  • Gathered requirements to create a Hierarchical Task Analysis for a grocery self-checkout
  • Created a paper prototype and conducted user testing and evaluation with the prototype
  • Outlined user testing findings and implications in a written report and oral presentation

MIE242: Psychology for Engineers, Fall 2010

  • Conducted experiments to assess the relationship between working memory and attention
  • Analyzed experiment data and outlined research findings and implications in a written report